January 10, 2014

Success factor of the data warehouse and business intelligence implementation

Data warehousing project is a complicated task that demands goals and resources from both business and technical departments. It is expensive but normally a basic project. If it is done by non experts and non skilled support, it can be an expensive and may cause project failure. Several business analysts believed most of the data warehousing projects are unsuccessful to meet their proposed objectives (Furlow, 2001).
Hwang and Xu (2007) have chosen eleven success factors:
Clearly defined business needs
Top Management Support
User involvement
High quality data source
Proper development technology
Enough IS staff and consultants
Project management
Practical Implementation Schedule
Proper planning/Scoping of project
Enough financial support
Measurable business benefits
Articlesbase (2010) has shown several factors that affect the implementation process of a business intelligence system. They are:
Business process and requirements.
ROI (Return on Investment).
Project management and resource assurance.
Company executives support
Take time to plan up front
Enough training to staff and change management.
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