October 14, 2014

SSRS report header and footer get cut off when exported to word format

Problem: I had an experience of header and footer cut off while printing the exported SSRS report to word format.

According to Riccardo Muti from Microsoft  "The margins in the word document do match those in the report at 2 cm or 0.79 in. However, Word and SSRS treat page headers and footers differently. Word actually positions them inside the page margins, whereas SSRS positions them inside the area that the margins surround. As a result, in Word, the page margins do not control the distance between the top edge of the page and that of the page header (or similarly for the page footer). Instead, Word has separate "Header from Top" and "Footer from Bottom" properties to control those distances. Since RDL does not have equivalent properties, the Word renderer sets these properties to zero."


I have the solution so far is before printing the report from Word, we have to increase the size of header and footer. This will help to print the report from word format without header and footer cut off.


George said...

I have faced the same problem.

But found a solution for this.

Place a text box on the report header and footer with some text having font color white.

Adjust the text box accordingly in the report footer and header and run the report.

Now the report header and footer wont be cutting off when exported to MS word.

George said...
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SSRS Developer said...

Thanks George. It work for me.

Kirk Richardson said...

Adding the "white font" item also worked for me. Thanks for the solution!

ismaelivan said...

Maybe it's not the right way, but it worked for me.

Johnny said...

Just wanted to thank George and others for their inputs which helped me with the issue.

Avigdor Liberman said...

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